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PIANOTECH is a full-service, one-stop piano shop. From piano tuning and adjusting to complete piano restoration. Player system installations/repairs and piano moving. Call us now to schedule your piano service.

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Piano Disc

Piano Disc Installation Service

For that final touch of elegance, we can install a PianoDisc System that will allow you to enjoy many years of entertainment with friends and family for a lifetime of memories
For more information on PianoDisc systems, go to: WWW.PIANODISC.COM

Restoration and Refinishing

The plate and soundboard have been refinished with new strings installed

1. You can choose from high gloss or satin finishes to achieve the look you want for your piano.






2. We can even replace the soundboard if needed and install all new strings so that your piano will hold the tune correctly and sound like a new piano again.

Example of a piano fully restored.

  • Piano tuning
  • Piano restoration
  • Piano moving
  • Piano refinishing
  • Piano Disc service and isntalllation
  • Piano Mation installation
  • Piano cleaning
  • Piano evaluation
  • Climate control systems
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